20 Most Trusted Java Development Companies on the Market in 2020

1. Iflexion

Iflexion was established in 1999 as a small company of 10 ambitious developers focusing primarily on PHP engineering. Today, it is a key player on the IT industry market. With a total team of 850+ experts, 200+ of whom are Java developers, Iflexion is a leader among Java companies.In addition to a long list of technologies in their technology stack, Iflexion provides various Java services, such as custom development, app maintenance, engineering, and integration. The company delivers Java-related solutions for web and mobile, as well as develops custom Java applications for enterprises.More than 20 years of hard work resulted in Iflexion’s rich experience in a number of domains, such as Sports, Public Sector, Manufacturing, and Entertainment. By 2020, the company has been listed among Best B2B Service Providers by Clutch for several times and has worked with such enterprises as PayPal, Xerox, eBay, Philips, and Toyota.

2. Svitla

Founded in California in 2003, Svitla is one of the front-runners on the custom software development market. Their team has successfully delivered 1000+ solutions to clients worldwide. The high profile of the projects completed with the Java language makes Svitla stand out from other Java companies.Operating in the US, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Switzerland, Svitla works mostly with startups and mid-sized companies. Their major targets are Healthcare, Education, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing domains.

3. Huenei

With 25 years of experience, Huenei is a renowned IT services provider. The company houses more than 300 professionals who operate in four countries: the US, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. Over 100 clients have enjoyed high-quality IT services provided by Huenei—the most notable being Walmart, Visa, and Citibank.Focusing on Telecommunication and Finance industries, Huenei targets mid-sized companies and market leaders. In addition to such services as cloud consulting and software testing, the company specializes in custom software development. Their team of professional Java developers adds to the high quality of solutions delivered by Huenei.

4. Intellias

A Ukrainian company with offices in seven European cities, Intellias has been delivering consulting and engineering since 2002. Since its inception, the company has been fast-growing, evolving into a team of 1,600+ professionals. With 43 active clients, Intellias has worked with such world-famous companies as Nokia, Siemens, and Roche.The company has won its position among top Java companies due to their vast experience in delivering Java-based projects of excellent quality. In particular, Intellias specializes in enterprise and high-load Java applications, cross-industry Java backends, and big data-focused solutions.

5. Jelvix

Jelvix is a software engineering company that has been providing IT solutions for mid-sized companies and enterprises for eight years now. Being a leading Java development company on the European market, Jelvix is experienced in custom Java development, migration and maintenance, Java APIs, and project rescue.Working from six offices in the US, UK, Germany, Israel, Ukraine, and Canada, the team of 100+ experts has completed projects for clients from 27 countries, including such well-known names as IKEA, Samsung, and Kia Motors. The company focuses on Retail, Insurance, Automotive, Fintech and more domains.

6. Clurgo

It only took six years for Clurgo to grow from a team of three devoted technology experts to a successful Java development company with 100+ employees. Established in Poland, the company has already completed 50+ projects for 32 clients worldwide, including notable names such as Fujitsu.Among CLurgo’s software development and UX/UI services provided by Clurgo, Java is its major specialization. Operating from the US, UK, and Poland, the company deploys a number of remote resources to deliver engineering solutions to clients all around the globe. Clurgo works with various companies, startups and enterprises alike, mostly in Finance, Telecommunications and Information Technology domains.

7. Euvic

Euvic is a Polish company founded in 2005. Since then, the company has launched offices in 24 locations, including in the US and UK, with more than 1,800 employees serving 900 clients worldwide.Euvic’s services include a number of IT solutions, such as software development, testing, and UX/UI consulting, but the reason why the company made it to the list of the best Java companies is their expertise in Java and 700 skillful Java experts. To be more precise, Euvic performs custom software and cloud software development in Java, Java migration, and user training. With focus on Banking, Retail, Media and Education industries, most of the companies on Euvic’s client list are mid-sized businesses.

8. TEAM International

Operating in the US, Poland, Ukraine, and Colombia, TEAM International delivers software development, QA and analytics services to clients from around the globe. It was launched almost 30 years ago to become one of the leading Java companies on the global software development market.The software development services provided by TEAM International comprise project management, communication tools, infrastructure, databases and web software development. The latter is performed using .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP and Java. The company’s major targets are startups and mid-sized companies in Transportation, Telecommunications, Hospitality and Technology domains.

9. Gorilla Logic

A software development and consulting company, Gorilla Logic has been established by two music band members in 2002. This resulted in a successful company with 500+ team members on board who share fun and joy in what they’re doing. Now present in the US, Costa Rica, and Colombia, Gorilla Logic works with clients worldwide, including NBC, Ford and DaVita.The company’s expertise is made up of UX design, mobile and enterprise application development, QA services, and back-end development. The latter is performed by a devoted team of Java developers. Recognizing the excellent quality of their services, Clutch included Gorilla Logic in the list of Top Software Developers in Denver in 2018.

10. *instinctools

Since its inception in 2000, *instinctools has grown to become one of the top Java companies in Western Europe. Present in Belarus and Germany, the company delivers various IT services to international clients, such as Fujitsu, Daimler AG, and SAP. In their work, *instinctools focuses on Healthcare, Digital Advertising and Cryptocurrency domains.The company has successfully completed a number of Java-based projects, including for SAP. Their vast experience includes delivering Java-related solutions as custom web and mobile development software, J2ME application management and deployment, J2EE design patterns, design, support, and more.

11. AB4 Systems

One of the youngest companies on the list, AB4 Systems provides high-quality IT solutions on par with the ones provided by leading Java companies, and this is what makes this company outstanding. Founded in Romania in 2015, this small team of devoted professionals provides such services as product strategy, design, quality assurance, data-oriented services, and software engineering, including back-end Java development.During the relatively short period of its existence, AB4 Systems has secured a project with UNICEF, and is set to partner with more international organizations. As for now, the company’s major target is the Healthcare industry, especially startups and mid-sized companies.

12. Hexacta

Hexacta is a consulting, software development and design services provider founded in Argentina 20 years ago. Since then, a team of four has evolved into 600+ employees located across the US, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Uruguay. Their vast experience is built upon a number of successfully delivered projects for mid-sized companies and enterprises, including Disney, Microsoft, and Comcast.Specializing in Java solutions, Hexacta provides such services as product development and re-engineering, quality assurance, design, and cloud solutions. The company’s major targets are Telecommunications, Transportation, and Finance industries. Hexacta was included in the Best of The Global Outsourcing 100 list by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals in 2019.

13. Gecko Dynamics

A Canadian company founded in Vancouver in 2002, Gecko Dynamics is a staple of any list of Java companies. Performing software engineering with the help of the Java language since the early days of the company, their team has rich experience in delivering such services as Java development, consulting, audit, and team staffing with Java developers.With a team of 50+ experts, the company has offices in the US, UK, Canada, and Poland. Gecko Dynamics focuses on working in Hi-Tech, Travel, Fintech and Entertainment domains, and their client list includes such enterprises as Nokia, Air Canada, and Cinépolis.

14. Elinext

Elinext is an international Java development company with offices in eight countries, including the US, Vietnam, Germany, and France. It was established in 1997 and has evolved into a team of more than 500 skillful developers who has completed 400+ projects for clients worldwide. Working mostly with mid-sized companies and enterprises, the company has a client list full of notable names, such as Siemens and CA Technologies.Elinext’s tech expertise comprises such programming languages as PHP, .NET, C++, Java, and more. In addition to web development, they deliver solutions based on mobile, blockchain and AI technologies, as well as quality assurance.

15. iTechArt

Another contender on this list of top Java companies is iTechArt. Operating from the US, UK, and Belarus, its 1,800+ software engineers provide international clients with outstanding services that include custom web, mobile and cloud solutions. With vast experience in back-end development, their team has a proven record of successfully completed projects for web and mobile based on the Java language.iTechArt was founded in 2002. Since then, they have worked with more than 250 clients, including such names as Forex and Aventri. Though focused on Finance, Healthcare and Real Estate industries, iTechArt operates in nearly 30 more domains.

16. Semaphore Software

Semaphore Software was founded more than 20 years ago to become a leading Java development company with offices in the US and India. Now a team of 1,400 experts, the company delivers blockchain and cloud solutions, web and mobile application development.Recognizing Java as a leading programming language, Semaphore delivers complex Java-based IT solutions for web and mobile, as well as refactoring and migration services. There are now more than 2,000 names on their client list, including Vodafone and Welspun. Semaphore’s main targets are Public Sector, Information Technology and Lifestyle domains, with focus on startups and mid-sized companies.

17. Koombea

Among other Java companies, Koombea is the one specializing in Java development for Android in particular. Established in 2007, the company has grown to be recognized as a high-quality engineering services provider. In addition to Java-based solutions, their expertise comprises application development for startups and enterprises, product planning and strategy, and porject rescue.Today Koombea is a team of 95+ specialists who operate in the US and Colombia. With more than 500 successfully completed projects in its portfolio, the company works mostly with mid-sized businesses in Informational Technology, Healthcare and Education domains.

18. KitelyTech

A proven leader among Java companies, KitelyTech is a US company with offices in seven states. Since it was launched in 2009, the company has delivered software development solutions to various clients, from startups to international enterprises, including such names as Philips, Rolls-Royce, MasterCard, and Discovery.KitelyTech performs a number of IT services: web and mobile development and design, quality assurance, graphic design, AI, augmented reality and blockchain technology implementation. When it comes to custom software development, their devoted team specializes in Java, ASP.NET, Qt Framework and Salesforce.

19. Dew Solutions

Established in 2010 as a small company operating in a garage, Dew Solutions has evolved into an international team of outsourced Java developers located in the US and India. There are 250+ professionals delivering high-quality software development solutions to clients from all over the world.Besides specializing in Java, Dew Solutions are skilled in .NET, Oracle, Python, and other technologies. The company provides application development, quality assurance, cloud and data-oriented services. With their client list consisting mostly of startups, Dew Solutions focuses on Retail, Ecommerce and Utilities industries.

20. Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

CIS is a Java company delivering software development services since 2003. With offices in the US, UK, India, Singapore, and South Africa, it works with clients around the globe, focusing on Informational Technology, Gaming and Marketing domains.The company’s headcount exceeds 1,000 employees who provide cloud and AI solutions, web and mobile development, UX/UI design, and custom software development. The latter is performed using Java and programming languages such as Python and PHP.

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